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Teen Driving Law in Ohio:

pointWhen can I start?

You may start the classroom modules at age 15 years, 5 months.  You may obtain your temporary license at age 15 years, 6 months.

pointWhat is required to get started?

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early before the start of class.  You and your student must complete the Landen Driving Academy's contract, rules of conduct and a general information questionnaire.  Please bring your student's paper temporary permit to the first class.

pointDo I have to have any driving experience?


pointWhen do you offer classroom modules?

Classroom modules are available evenings at each of our 3 locations as posted on our calendar.  We offer an expanded schedule during the summer months.

pointWhat does this course include?

The course is eight 3-hour classes covering practical application of proper driving techniques and information necessary for your student to operate a vehicle on the roadways safely.  We use active learning games, videos, class discussions and quizzes to involve students.  The class includes four 2-hour in-car training sessions which will be scheduled upon completing seven classes and the balance being paid in full.

pointWhat subjects are covered?

We cover highway transportation system, vehicle familiarization and maintenance, control tasks, traffic signs, control devices, and law including right-of-way, strategies for adverse environments, natural laws affecting vehicles, using your vision effectively, handling emergencies, buying and insuring a vehicle, driving distractions and impairments.  We emphasize the importance of good decision making skills, and conservative and responsible driving habits for inexperienced drivers.

pointWhat is required to pass this course?

Students must attend all classes and in-car training sessions and pass a State required test with a grade of 76% or better.  If your student fails the test, they will be required to repeat classes pertaining to the questions that were missed, then re-take the test.

pointWhat can parents do to help their student be better prepared?

Make certain your student is on time for classes.  Ask them what they talked about after each class and regularly mentor them through the 50 hours of required drive time.  We recommend the parents use a Teen/Parent Driving Contract to clearly identify the freedoms and responsibilities of their driving privileged, keeping in mind that driving IS a privilege, NOT a right.  More information and a sample driving contract is available from


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